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Dr. Yulia Ovchinnikova

Dr. Yulia Ovchinnikova was elected as a council member of the Coordination Center of Top Level Domain Russia (cctld.ru) in 2008. She was the first woman elected to the council. Since then, she moved to the United States and founded Open Hub (openhubproject.com), an open ecosystem and resource center for the tech workforce and tech business in the Hudson Valley. Open Hub is building the local tech community, consulting tech startups and companies, matching business idea generators with developers, teaching coding and organizing education workshops, and is the founder of the Hudson Valley's first tech festival: HV Techfest (hvtechfest.com).


Launching the Cyrillic IDN TLD as the first Internationalized Domain Name in the World

This talk will cover the birth of the Russian domain space (.RU), its evolution, and how it addressed challenges such as creating/managing non-Latin international domain names (IDN) starting with the first Cyrillic domain (a pioneering ICANN program) and de-monopolization of the Russian domain business while educating government officials.