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Josh "Peon" Patrick Paulton

Josh "Peon" Patrick Paulton (joshhealthcare.com) is a registered clinical counselor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counselors in Canada. Josh works in public mental health, and his professional research focuses are mindfulness meditation, gastrointestinal diseases, and consciousness. He is also a clinical hypnotist. Josh combines his experience working professionally in mental health with advanced practical mind/body knowledge to teach how the human mind operates, and how to exploit it. Josh is a magician, and one day will rule earth.


Hacking a Human Mind in Conversation: Penetrating the Conscious Mind's Critical Factor to Elicit a Desired Response

In this presentation, attendees learn how to hack the mind of a Homo sapiens target in conversation. Advanced understanding is presented of how humans' conscious mind critical factor works, and can be exploited in targeted social engineering. The critical factor is a part of the conscious mind that responds to demands on a person, and regulates compliance versus noncompliance. Social influence, manipulation, or obfuscation of the attacker's intent or motives have traditionally been used in psychological operations, like social engineering. Tailoring communication patterns specific to a person's conscious vulnerabilities inherent in their critical factor increases desired response compliance, as subconscious processes regulating suggestibility are accessed. Identifying a person's specific conscious mind critical factor suggestibility, adapting communication to exploit psychological vulnerabilities, and entraining a desired state of consciousness depth are used in a targeted attack to obtain a desired behavioral, psychological, emotional, or physiological effect. Attendees will learn advanced psychological techniques to improve their own social security and recognize suggestibility exploits in human targets.