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Dan York

Dan York (@danyork) is an advocate for an open Internet who has been online since the 1980s. He leads the Internet Society's Open Standards Everywhere (OSE) project with a goal of making websites faster, more available, and more secure using IPv6, TLS, HTTP/2, and DNSSEC. He has a strong interest in encryption and DNS security/privacy, and spent ten years focused on Voice over IP (VoIP) / telecom security and applications. Dan produces podcasts and, before the pandemic, could be found in the winter throwing rocks in curling clubs.


Hacking Web Servers to Make Them More Secure and Faster Using Open Standards

So how can you be out there promoting open standards like TLS and IPv6 if your own websites don’t support these standards? Shouldn’t there be step-by-step recipes out there (or default configurations) that just make this easy? In this talk, Dan will dive into how the Internet Society fixed its multiple websites, and discovered how it could make these sites faster and more secure with some easy changes to the site configuration. He will share the crowd-sourced documentation that the project team has developed for self-hosted web servers, hosted servers, and sites using content delivery networks (CDNs), and will outline how you can help contribute to this project. He’ll cover how to implement HTTP/2, IPv6, TLS, HSTS, and DNSSEC - and provide the recipes his project team used. If we want an open Internet where we don’t need permission to deploy new services and systems, the Internet needs to be based on interoperable, open Internet standards. Join us in helping build a more secure and available Internet for everyone!