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Edward Miro

Edward Miro has been in the IT world for 20 years, most recently teaching cyber security classes at Butte College in California. He is currently developing and running a free open source social engineering class called OSEEC. Edward is very passionate about the information security community and is very involved in his local hacker scene and education of the next generation. He is also active online and recently hosted his own mini hacker con for his students.


SE for Introverts: A Proposed Handbook

Many books about social engineering presume the reader has a minimum level of social ability. In this talk, Edward provides his solution for enabling those of us on the more introverted side of things to make the skills taught in popular SE education more relevant and actionable. He will introduce the framework, the texts, and methodology he has developed to not only teach basic social skills, social engineering, and maybe most importantly to provide a launching pad for our potential. The dramatic possibilities that better socialization, leadership, and SE skills have towards personal empowerment is revolutionary.