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Flavio Aggio

Flavio Aggio is the chief information security officer at the World Health Organization (WHO). Additionally, he represents WHO in key forums focused on information security and cybersecurity. Prior to joining WHO, Flavio was the chief technology officer at the city and county of San Francisco, where he developed technology solutions to modernize and protect the city. Before that, he held technical leadership positions in enterprise architecture, project management, telecommunications, and IT operations with Unisys, ASML, Dow Chemical, and Rohm and Haas. In 2014, he enabled the interconnection of the San Francisco and San Jose Wi-Fi networks. He holds a Bachelor of Science in physics from Sao Paulo University in Brazil and an executive MBA from Temple University in the United States.


Keynote: Flavio Aggio

COVID-19 Cybersecurity Attacks

Cybersecurity technologies to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover are extremely important, but not sufficient. HumanOS upgrade is required to safely use the Internet and it is not only about training and awareness. It is about the way users must behave online. The IT community must openly acknowledge system vulnerabilities. Humans are the weakest and strongest links in cybersecurity.