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When Inverse Phase isn't composing chiptune video game soundtracks (Treachery in Beatdown City, Super Smash Land, Shuttle Scuttle) or writing recognized tributes to other musicians (Nine Inch Nails, Fall Out Boy, Assemblage 23), he's often working at a computer and gaming museum in Maryland, participating in the demoscene, or researching something related to old 8-bit computers. Tell him about your favorite cheese slice or ask him about CTM, a chiptune synthesizer he's building from scratch!

At The Circle of HOPE in 2018, he talked about how old, pirated software came with "extra" introductions from those who broke the copy protection. The cracking scene, becoming bored with and unrecognized by their efforts, evolved into a community called the Demoscene where they make audiovisual art under extreme limitations. At HOPE 2020, he will revisit computer music videos called demos, stored entirely in just a few kilobytes of space, including CD-quality music and 3D graphics on 8-bit machines. Many of the demos shown will be new from 2018 and, as usual, he'll discuss why they are technically impressive so you can gain a new appreciation for computer art.