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Let's Build a New Hackerspaces.org! A Discussion and Workgroup (1)

By introducing people from all over the world to local hackerspace communities, the Hackerspaces.org website laid the groundwork for introducing a lot of people to a scene that would forever change their lives in a positive way. But over the years, the website database became outdated, the UX/UI design made it difficult to find anything, and the site was not very welcoming (both for newcomers and command line lovers). After creating HackspaceOS (an open source website template and hackerspace online community hub), Marco started collecting more and more ideas on what a new Hackerspaces.org website could look like, in order to introduce hackerspaces to even more people and improve the collaboration between existing spaces. This is an opportunity to have a conversation about what a new website should be like, how to make it be a project with a wide support of hackerspaces from all over the world, and how to start building it!