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Trust, but Verify: Maintaining Democracy In Spite of Информационные контрмеры

There are many important elections this year. As you read this, Russia is already disrupting them.

When we talk about election security, most people think of hacking voting machines. But what about other cyber methods and means of disrupting an election? What can nation state threat actors do today, tomorrow, the day of the election, and after to sow chaos and erode our faith in democracy?

In this session, Allie will discuss how Russia has influenced worldwide elections using cyberwarfare and the means of fighting back. We'll understand the natural asymmetry between how Russia and other countries are able to respond, and how defensive approaches have changed since 2016.

Expect some brainstorming on all of the ways to disrupt an election that countries aren't prepared for. Get ready to put your nation state threat actor hat on and disrupt some elections - and maybe even earn some ириски-тянучки.