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Using the ACTFOIA Methodology to Promote Transparency Around the World

What is FOIA? The Freedom of Information Act allows us, normal citizens, to ask the State anything. Until now, Badita has sent over 7,000 FOIA requests to over 3,000 public institutions in Romania. Most of them were sent using the ACTFOIA methodology. The acronym stands for "Anti-Corruption Toolkit for the Freedom Of Information Act (ACTFOIA)." This is a powerful new tool Romanians have at their disposal, so they can rank different cities on diverse topics and expose corrupt practices designed to steal public money. This will provide positive publicity for the local authorities that are not wasting public money, and will create a public backlash against the ones that are wasting public money. Citizens can go to the local authorities and ask questions like: why are we paying 50 Euros per month for garbage collection, when on average there are 100 cities only pay 10 Euros per month?