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Custom Electronics + Activism in K-12 Education by MakeFashion Edu

Nine-year-olds are designing wearable electronics to promote their beliefs - in humanities classes, math classes, and in clubs. As mentors, we can provide the environment and bring ethics, self-agency, power tools, coding, and empathy. Join the MakeFashion Edu discussion! There will be a film screening concerning the following topics:

* Amateur Electronics Design in Shenzhen, China

* Project Based Learning in K-12 schools

* Advocacy through Fashion and Technology

After each screening there will be a discussion followed by an introductory workshop on lighting up LED strips. (If you don't have your own hardware, you can send in your code and it will be uploaded to development boards so your code can be run on LED strips.)

This online workshop space will be open 24 hours a day during HOPE 2020, with several informal gatherings in addition to the official workshops. Pop in whenever you like!