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MADDES Secret Lair

Would you like to have Fort Knox level security with an invisibility cloak for the data on your computer? Do you want to have a better security solution than the standard encryption offered for a GNU/Linux OS? Then check out MADDES Secret Lair, where Matt will demonstrate how it allows for full disk encryption (FDE) with "/boot" for a GNU/Linux OS with plausible deniability on a computer. This includes support for many features, including Linux Unified Key Setup, VeraCrypt, multi-boot different operating systems, and the GNU GRUB boot loader. MADDES Secret Lair supports both BIOS and UEFI and allows for installing the boot loader on a USB. The enhanced auto generation of the boot loader and initramfs (update-initramfs) allows for system updates to function as normal. This is possible using nonstandard GRUB, cryptsetup, systemd, and such. This workshop provides step-by-step demonstrations, allowing attendees of all skill levels to follow along.