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Evolve Beyond Grade-Based Education and Support Virtual Learning Communities With a Spreadsheet

So you've noticed the education infrastructure we've inherited isn't quite up for the new challenges. GPA is outdated, and we need to transition institutions to a more collaborative paradigm. To evolve beyond GPA, we need to build credit ramps! Developed in a Beijing high school, the MATRIX is a credentials converter that bridges GPA, competency-based assessment, and micro-certifications. Using a collaborative spreadsheet of links, it open sources teaching materials, cultivates self-directed learning skills with the habit of documentation, and shares learning evidence through a communal portfolio. If you're a teacher bound by GPA looking to encourage self-directed learning and peer-to-peer teaching - or a hacker seeking to create an index matching community of hackers and their skills, join this workshop! You will learn to set up a MATRIX, compile grades, competencies, and certifications from a course, and add recently learned skills from the conference into a HOPE 2020 MATRIX.