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How to Motivate Hackers and Fight COVID-19 With Botnets

The r00tf0lds Folding@home team (#258829) will teach what protein folding is, how it helps science fight disease, team history, and the past hacker events and causes that inspired their motivational methods and helped push their success. They will teach how to install and configure the software, what to expect when folding, and how to use advanced configurations to get the most from your CPU/GPU.

In just months, the team grew to over 350 users, is ranked in the top 85 of 250,000+ teams, boasting more than nine billion points, and has passed large corporations like Cisco, Apple, and Google, and countries like Vietnam, Poland, and Ireland. Presenters and top team members will be on hand to answer your questions live!

Additional guests will include: Obscure Images / Paul Leonard (cDc Communications, Hacktivismo, r00tf0lds), Space Rogue (r00t, L0pht Heavy Industries, r00tf0lds), top ranked team members, and those with specific areas of relevant expertise.

Got a spare CPU/GPU? Join a team of hackers (including members of r00t, cDc, the L0pht, LOD, and MOD) using distributed computing to help scientists fight COVID-19 with the Folding@home client!