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Abi Hassen

Abi Hassen is an attorney, technologist, and co-founder of the Black Movement-Law Project (BMLP), a legal support rapid response group that grew out of the uprisings in Ferguson, Baltimore, and elsewhere. He is currently a partner at O'Neill and Hassen LLP, a law practice focused on indigent criminal defense. Prior to his current work, he was the mass defense coordinator at the National Lawyers Guild. Abi has also worked as a political campaign manager and strategist, union organizer, and community organizer. Abi conducts training, speaks, and writes on topics of race, technology, (in)justice, and the law.


Meet the EFA: A Discussion on Grassroots Organizing for Digital Privacy, Security, Free Expression, Creativity, and Access to Knowledge

Founded by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA) is a grassroots network of community and campus organizations across the United States. Join representatives from the EFF, and EFA affiliated groups, for this panel discussion on community-based tech advocacy, and working within your community to educate and empower neighbors in the fight for data privacy and digital rights.