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The Battle for Our Emotions... Control the Narrative, Control the People

Information has a profound effect on the population of a society. Controlling the information the populace sees can have a huge impact. We saw this in 2016, and continue to struggle with mis/disinformation.

Society has gone down a path that is ever becoming more bleak. Governments and society as a whole must start to own its message and have a unified front to battle the onslaught of mis/disinformation campaigns and false/fake news. Propaganda, whether positive or negative, generally doesn't have the best connotation, and using it to affect even positive changes is not without controversy. Putting controversy aside, if we are going to bring back some cohesion and semblance of peace, society must own the narrative - we must make sure people get accurate information and believe in the information available to them. This talk will cover the history, tactics, and responsible use of information and behavioral mechanisms to affect positive and lasting change.