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How to Prove and Assess Quality Learning (With *DAS) (2)

So you've learned some amazing things from your community, not from school. How can you prove it? With an open source accreditation system, of course! But it's a challenge to write a certificate for your own learning that includes every piece: the right prerequisites, the right kind of proof that it's yours, the right material to make an excellent case for your knowledge - and how to credit your community, too. Join this workshop to learn how to write a short, trustworthy certificate to prove your knowledge (like the key points of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 1954) or your skill (like soldering headers) that you'd like to prove to yourself or others, especially something you've learned at HOPE 2020! Use a reference-rich decentralized accreditation system (*DAS), which will be provided, to visualize your certificate as part of a live network of everyone else's certificates from the workshop.