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Cybersecurity and Clown

Charlie Chaplin once said to be truly funny, you must take out your pain and play with it. How can we use comedy to address the anxiety and despair in cybersecurity? J.M. is a cybersecurity reporter, security engineer, and comedian exploring how to make our gaze into the abyss ye mighty and despairfield slightly less depressing. After years performing standup comedy, improv, and sketch, he went down the rabbit hole into Clown Land. He's studied with clown teachers on both sides of the Atlantic, including Philippe Gaulier. Modern clown has nothing to do with the stereotype of grease paint and colored wigs and big shoes, and everything to do with the trickster hacker ethos many of us at HOPE embrace. Bring your funny bone, a pen and paper notepad, and learn some (perfectly legal) clown-hacker tricks.