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Cyberpunk Now Film Festival - All Day 4

The Cyberpunk Now Film Festival is a five-day media production hackathon - basically, a contest to produce a short film based on criteria that won't be known until HOPE begins on July 25. Sign up at https://cyberpunk.hope.net

On July 25th, The Cyberpunk Now Film Festival's organizers will publish a set of top-secret Required Challenge Elements at cyberpunk.hope.net, and participants will have five days to team up, brainstorm, write, produce, edit, polish, and upload their finished films to the submission portal by the deadline on July 30th.

Winners will be screened as they are announced in a Hackers On Planet Earth 2020 conference video feed on August 2nd and viewed by participants around the world. The Grand Prize winner will be announced during the HOPE Closing Ceremonies.