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Lockpicking Village: Lockpicking 101, Restraints 101, and Bypass 101 - All Day 9

Ever wonder how they do all the physical access tricks in the movies or on a penetration test? Then come to the Lockpicking Village! They will cover a variety of different techniques - from the basics you see every day to more complex systems - they may even show a few advanced tools!

They will be covering lockpicking with a focus on the most common locks in the United States: pin-tumbler and wafer locks. Handcuffs and restraints will also be covered, with a dive into the most popular styles of handcuffs. In addition, a Bypass 101 class will be run, teaching people to defeat padlocks, lever lock doors, and other devices.

If you want to feel like MacGyver - or even aspire to become MacGyver - everyone starts somewhere. So come by and enjoy these classes covering the foundations of locksport and physical security. Who knows? It may make you want to move into a security career with physical access testing!