HOPE Bumps: Join the Conversation

HOPE recognizes that not everyone has the ability or desire to give a full talk or workshop, but we do think everyone has something to contribute. Which is why we're announcing HOPE Bumps.

We invite people from all over the world to share a short video clip (between ten seconds and a minute), or an image, or even just a short message, which we will display on our live stream between talks, seen by thousands of people all around the world during our nine day online event.

So take a moment and record yourself saying hi to everyone at HOPE! We want to see greetings from all over the world! You can just say who or where you are, tell us (quickly) about something cool you're working on, share some serious or semi-serious thoughts - whatever you want to share with HOPE attendees!

We believe that in these difficult times, the need to connect is more important than ever. Anyone is welcome to submit a bump to be shown during the conference, even if you did not purchase a HOPE ticket. We will also accept bumps in any language, because they will be seen all around the world.

Instagram Upload Instructions:
Create your video as normal, and share it with the @HOPEConf Instagram account. Alternatively, you can email the link to it to bumps@hope.net.

Tiktok Upload Instructions:
Create your video, and email the link to bumps@hope.net.

Youtube Upload Instructions (click to expand)

General Video Sharing Instructions:
If you do not want to use any of the other methods, please upload the video to our nextcloud. If you have any issues, email us at bumps@hope.net.